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CBD Tablets Recommended Dosing

Our new Kona Blue CBD Tablets are sold in a fixed concentrations of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg of CBD per Tablet, and 30 tablets per bottle.

As an example, for a 65 lb dog, administering a 10 mg Tablet of CBD, will result in a recommended dosage of 0.325 tablets, 0.813 tablets or 1.625 tablets, respectively for a Basic, Moderate or Severe condition dose.

Each Kona Blue Naturals CBD Tablet is scored to make administering 1/2 table increments easier – simply break apart the tablet in your hand. For finer dosages, use a pill cutter. If the smaller tablet crumbles, use some peanut butter, mash potatoes or something similar to dab all the pieces together and administer directly to your pet.

It never hurts to round up when administering CBD as there are no negative side effects to too much CBD and at these levels, it’s not an issue. Of course, you are welcome to measure everything out exactly or as close as possible. 

Basic Dose: starting dose, preventative and mild pain, anxiety and discomfort.

Moderate Dose: advancing dose, regular or recurring pain, anxiety and discomfort. 

Severe Does: chronic dose for severe paid, higher anxiety and when trying to provide maximum comfort.